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They’re Dying of My Cowardice[1]

No Judgement can be made about Motives in cases of

Such World-Historical Significance – only about Actions[2]

How Many Times can a Man Turn his Head and Pretend he just Doesn’t

See? … How many Ears must One Man have before he can Hear People Cry?[3]

I am Shocked at the way in which you all Sit without even trying to Stop such Scan-

Dals Going on – which you could if you Choose, for you are Many and they are Few[4]

The Ultimate Tragedy is not the Brutality of the Bad people but the Silence of the Good people[5]

Those who, while they Disapprove of the Character and Measures of a Govern-

Ment, Yield to it their Allegiance and Support are Undoubtedly its most Consci-

Eientious Supporters, and so Frequently the most serious Obstacles to Reform[6]

The Best lack all Conviction – while the Worst are full of Passionate Intensity[7]

The Apathy of the people is enough to make every Statue Leap

From its Pedestal, and to Hasten the Resurrection of the Dead[8]

Where is the Poet wandering who Speaks divinely at Feasts,

While they are Slaying her son in the prime of his Youth?[9]

The World’s a Dangerous place, not because of those who

Do Evil, but because of those who Look and do Nothing[10]

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[10] Albert Einstein

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