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Time Unveils Eternity![1]

Eternity is in Love with the Productions of Time[2]

Exultation is the going of an Inland Soul to Sea – Past

The Houses – Past the Headlands – into Deep Eternity[3]

The Creaking of the Tented Sky – the Ticking of Eternity[4]

Feel through all this Fleshy Dress: Bright Shoots of Everlastingness[5]

The New-Born Minute on the Bureau Lies – Scratching the Glass with Infant

Kick – Cutting with the Diamond Cry the Crystal and Expanse of Timelessness[6]

The Human Soul Craves for the Eternal of which, apart from certain

Rare Mysteries of Religion, only Love and Art can give a Glimpse[7]

Receding until it is Free of the High Injunctions of Existence –

It becomes an Exalted Firebrand Lighting the way to Eternity[8]

Long Eternity shall Greet Our Bliss with an Individual Kiss[9]

Don’t Ape a Mummified Past – Uncage Eternity[10]

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