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Too Many Words Black Your Ears[1]

The most Important Things are Never Openly said –

They are Understated and Left to Seep through to one[2]

Words are not Deeds – just the Gaps in people’s Lacks[3]

It’s all an Idea – Talk – Talk – Talk – Froth – High Flown Idiocy[4]

Broken Thought Machines coming back with their Used-up Words[5]

People often hold Great Thoughts in their Deepest Hearts and sometimes only Blunderingly

Express them, Haltingly and Stumblingly Say them, and Faultily put them into Practice[6]

What is Better than to Tell the Best? It is always to leave the Best Untold[7]

What does Heaven ever Say? – Yet the Four Seasons are put into

Motion by it and the Myriad Creatures Receive their Life from it[8]

Our Speech is Tamed, and when we Speak, it Communicates –

We don’t Waste the Gift of Speech in Expressing our Neurosis[9]

I never Speak unless Addressed – and then, ‘tis Brief & Low –

I cannot bear to Live – Aloud – the Racket Shames me so[10]

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[10] Emily Dickinson, I Was the Slightest in the House

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