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Torture Roars in Dismal Hell[1]

Prison – Bars – cannot Conceal[2]

The Vilest Deeds like Poison Weeds Bloom well in Prison-Air[3]

The Greatest Crimes are committed by the Authorities who maintain the Prison[4]

The body is susceptible to Pain, it must Eat and Breathe air and Sleep, it has thin

Skin and Blood right underneath, an adequate stock of Teeth and Nails, its Bones

Are Breakable, its Joints are Stretchable – in Torture all this is taken into account –

The Howl with which the body responds, was, is and ever will be a Howl of Innocence[5]

The degree of Civilization in a Society – can be Found by entering its Prisons[6]

Democracy, Freedom, Progress, when returned to their Cells are Incoherent[7]

Let the Agony of the Prisoners Haunt you like an Everlasting Nightmare[8]

The Confession is a Formality – though the Torture is Real[9]

Innocent – Until Proven Dead[10]

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