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Trees Grow Out of Books[1]

The Books he Reads are Kindling[2]

There is no Frigate like a Book to take us Lands

Away, Nor any Courser like a Page of Prancing Poetry[3]

Books must be Read as Deliberately and Reservedly as they were Written[4]

A Marvelous Book Reveals Innumerable Secrets, alleviates Pain and Fear, Dissolves Doubts[5]

A Book is not made of Sentences laid End to End, but of Sentences built into Arcades or Domes[6]

Books, instead of Mouldering behind Iron Grating, far from Inquisitive

Gazes, should be Worn out under the Eyes of a great many Readers[7]

Placing around them their Books to form themselves a Home[8]

Your Wealth of Books: the Drifted Relics of All Time[9]

One Book Opens Another[10]

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