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Walls Drip Blood[1]

Barriers Drain Strength from our Arms and Hearts[2]

Wall Beyond Wall – Wavering Redefinition of Horizon[3]

Wall upon Wall, Battlement upon Battlement, Black Immeasur-

Ably Strong, Mountain of Iron, Gate of Steel, Tower of Adamant[4]

Remark on the Sculpted Grandeur of the Walls – and then, with One

Light Touch – on the bracing sense of Insignificance that they Impart[5]

They Keep Coffins at the Border for when the Refugees get Too Far from Home[6]

Yonder Whispers the Lure of the Night – but That Damned Fence Assails our Sight[7]

Vile Wall which does these Lovers Sunder … O Wicked Wall, through whom I see

No Bliss – Cursed be thy Stones … O Wall – full often hast thou heard my Moans[8]

The Greatest Punishment for a Tree – is to become a Border Post[9]

The Menace to our Lives does not lie on the Other Side, it Lies

Within our Boundaries – we have Seen it and We know it[10]

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