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We Drop Truth & Grab Weapons[1]

Tell those who Inherit their Rifles the Legacy of our Blood[2]

Few now have the Skill in Healing to match such Evil Weapons[3]

That Weapon will Replace your Tongue – you will Learn to Speak through it[4]

The more People own Lethal Weapons, the more Darkened are the Country and the Clan[5]

I Dream I see the Bombers riding Shotgun in the Sky ­– and they are Turning into Butterflies[6]

All their Ammunition and feats of War – Defeat with plain Heroic magnitude of Mind[7]

And the People in the Streets Below are Dancing Round and Round –

And Guns and Swords and Uniforms are Scattered on the Ground[8]

The Bullets Spring Back from the Angel’s Shining

Pinions, and Fall down like Common Hailstones[9]

In our Land – Bullets are Beginning to Flower[10]

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