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When Play Turns Fate[1]

Accept Whatever comes to you Woven in the Pattern of

Your Destiny – for what could More Aptly Fit your Needs?[2]

Out from the Cruel, Lashing Sting of the World’s Merciless Hate –

The Soul of a Man to the Desert comes to Grapple its Chance with Fate[3]

As his real Power Grows and Knowledge Widens, ever the way he can follow grows

Narrower – until at last he Chooses Nothing, but does only and wholly what he Must do[4]

Until you make the Unconscious Conscious, it will Direct your Life – and you will Call it Fate[5]

Laughers? Yes, Laughers, Laughers, Laughers – Loud-Mouthed Laughers in the Hands of Fate[6]

Superiority to Fate is Difficult to Learn – ‘tis not Conferred – but only possible to Earn[7]

To whomsoever Fate comes from the Outside, it Kills him as the Arrow kills the Deer

To whomsoever Fate comes from Within, it Empowers him and makes him a God[8]

Public Opinion is a Weak Tyrant Compared with our own Private Opinion – what

A Man Thinks of Himself, that is which Determines, or rather Indicates, his Fate[9]

Destiny is a Calling that creates a Beautiful Journey[10]

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