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While I Breathe I Hope[1]

When I Hope I Fear – since I Hope I Dare[2]

Expectation belongs to the Body – whereas Hope belongs to the Soul[3]

Today one puts forth the Tender Leaves of Hopes – Tomorrow Blossoms[4]

When I say Hope I just mean Thinking that it’s Worth it to keep one’s Eyes Open[5]

Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast – Man Never Is, but Always To Be Blest[6]

Who shall say that Fortune Grieves him – while the Star of Hope she Leaves him?[7]

Hope he Rekindles and in Hope Ends – over Death, over Dread,

Over Loom lifted, out of Loss, out of Life, into Long Glory[8]

O Prophet of Glad Tidings – Finisher of Utmost Hope![9]

Old Hopes become Today’s Routines[10]

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