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Winter Tells a Heavy Tale[1]

The Sky is a Hazy shade of Winter[2]

One must have a Mind of Winter to regard the Frost

And the Boughs of the Pine-Trees Crusted with Snow[3]

It can’t be Summer – that got through – it’s Early yet for Spring –

There’s that Long Town of White to Cross before the Blackbirds Sing[4]

Never-Resting Time Leads Summer on to Hideous Winder, and Confounds him there – Sap

Check’d with Frost, and Lusty Leaves quite Gone, Beauty O’ersnow’d and Bareness Everywhere[5]

He has his Winter too of Pale Misfeature – or else he would Forego his Mortal Nature[6]

What does a Bird get by all its Twittering when the Winter Comes?[7]

Why must Every Winter Grow Colder and more Sure?[8]

Seek for Solaces in Snow in the Crusted Wintertime[9]

If I Die in de Winter – they’ll Bury me Under Snow[10]

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