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Word-Crystals – Little Eternities[1]

Oh Word, thou Word – that I Lack[2]

Many times the Word comes Short of Fact[3]

Words, Words, Words, on Cracked old Pages – how much Truth Remains?[4]

Words cannot be Wholly Transparent – and that is the Heartlessness of Words[5]

My Words are the Garment of what I shall never be – like the Tucked Sleeve of a One-Armed boy[6]

One-Sided is everything that can be Thought with thoughts – and Said in Words[7]

An Unraveling of the Seam/Seem that Stitches World to Word[8]

I don’t think any Word can Explain a man’s Life[9]

Melt into Mush and Watery Welter of Words[10]

Shut in a Tower of Words[11]

Wave Words as if Fanning Gnats[12]

Words come Sharp and with a Jerk[13]

The Words at my disposal are Too Many to me – too

Many to be Arranged into something to say that is still Me[14]

Haven’t you Heard it’s a Battle of Words – the Poster Bearer Cries?[15]

O little Words – how can you run so Straight across the Page beneath the Weight you bear?[16]

Hard Words are First on their lips in the Morning and Last at Night[17]

The Damnèd use that Word in Hell – Howlings attend it[18]

The Supreme Sting – the Casual, Bitter Word[19]

At ev’ry Word a Reputation Dies[20]

A Word is also a Picture of a Word[21]

See the Word as a Shape – a Vessel[22]

The Words my Mind makes of the World[23]

Let us Speak, let us Speak – Silence does not suit us,

Since we have been Created in the Image of the Word[24]

We use what Words we have to Weld – what Words we have Wielded[25]

The Substantial Words are in the Ground and Sea – they are in the Air – they are in You[26]

The only Important question is whether the Word is a Help or a Hin-

Derance in enabling you to Experience that toward which it Points[27]

The Sign Flashes out its Warning in the Words that it is Forming[28]

The Shapes of Words – part of the Furniture of his Mind[29]

I feel the need to hold Transient Life in Words[30]

I need a Word to Signify Exactly what it should[31]

We can’t See anything we don’t have a Word for[32]

The poet Strains his brow searching for a Word that con-

Tains the Typhoon’s force, the secrets of Blood and Seed[33]

Each Word is Drenched to the Bone in the belief it attends to something Solid[34]

Memorize the Word until it means something Fixed – something Beyond its Saying[35]

The right Word is always a Power – and Communicates its Definiteness to our action[36]

Today, as usual, the mind goes Hunting for a Word – one filled with Ve-

Nom, a word sultry with Honey, heavy with Love, smashing with Fury[37]

Forget opinions, being right – Write Words that Retain their Meaning[38]

The World: a Word Intricately Incarnate[39]

Come on Poets – Word it till it’s Yours[40]

Old Fingers twist old Words into Web-Threads[41]

His own Consciousness of language is Ebbing from

His Brain and Trickling into the very Words themselves[42]

Repetition presses Words into slightly altered variations of them-

Selves, turns them from Motionless Disclosers to Dramatic Actors[43]

The Words don’t Illuminate the Poem – the Poem Illuminates the Words[44]

In his mouth the Words become Magnets – which irresistibly Attract other Words[45]

As I write a Single Word – that Word enters a powerful Tradition and Lineage[46]

The Word is the sum of its History ­– Objectified and Indeterminate[47]

Words never stop Connecting one Unlikely thing to another[48]

New Constellations of Meaning Crystallise as Eve-

Ry Word enters into New Relations with another[49]

While I live, I Tend Words – Bridges to others[50]

Go behind the mere Words for an Idea which these

Words have obviously Intended – and Failed – to Say[51]

It is a very misleading Confusion of Words with Reality to

Assume that what cannot be Thought cannot be Experienced[52]

Your Words are a Mystery too – take away the Veil from them at last[53]

The Word begets Presences impossible to confirm given the Blind action of Time[54]

Fashion your weapon from Ambiguous Words – Consign clear words to Lexical Limbo[55]

The Sensation, the Sound – of Words Leaping just beyond our Capacity to know them Certainly[56]

Never Waver in Devotion to those Words ­– the more Incomprehensible, the Better[57]

Words are Dark Stars – some Small and Dull and Solid, some Immense, Complex,

Subtle – with a powerful Gravity-Field that attracts Infinite Meanings to them[58]

Birth is Everywhere – Under and Inward, at the Top of the Tongue and

Trailing the Word as it breaks past any Meaning you would call reason[59]

Words exist for Meaning, but once you Understand
The Meaning – you can Throw Away the Words[60]

What Word can Burn as a Witness for us?[61]

Wrestling with the Transformative Audacity of

Words and deeply affected by their Myriad Vehicles[62]

I dream of a Whole Word which contains the Frag-

Ments of my Self – it waits at the Edge of Language[63]

She speaks each Word as a Stone she builds her Future with[64]

Say the Word and it Vanishes with the sound, but your Senses, your Memory and Know-

Ledge cast back an Echo – Write it on a piece of paper, and it stays there, Unmoving, but

Your Thoughts and Feelings are already on their way to the Farthest corners of the World[65]

There is no Word but the One Wordless absolutely Meaningless and absolutely

Meaningful word that Thunders in the Timeless All-Comprehending Silence[66]

Crossing the Desolate stretch of Land where the Word Drags us, making

Us – and our Wanderings bear Amazed Witness to its Perennial Nature[67]

The Word Flees – a Fugitive Sound, an Exiled Locution located in

A string of letters I receive Part-Forbidden, mostly Re-Arranged[68]

Does each Sign represent a different state of the Tongue, the

Lips, the Throat, the Lungs, as they combine in the Uttering[69]

A single Word wrings Nuance from Everything[70]

Praise Springs Fresh from the Word[71]

Apt Words have Power to ‘Suage the Tumors of a

Troubled Mind, and are as Balm to Festered Wounds[72]

We come to the Resurrection of Words ­– they Rise up

In our mouths, set Free of Taints, Errors and Bad Luck[73]

Discover the Words that Heal – Avoid the Words that Wound[74]

Any Word you see here Defies all Fear Doubt Destruction Ignorance & Hatefulness[75]

A meditation upon the bottomless Trickery of Consciousness and the Redemptive role of Words[76]

He Eats and Drinks the Precious Words – his Spirit grows Robust –

He knows no more that he is Poor nor that his Frame is Dust[77]

A Written Word is the Choicest of Relics[78]

Wreaths of Flowers around the Words[79]

Say the Word – and you’ll be Free[80]

My Words Die as I Speak them[81]

Our Words Inherit Nothing – Beget Nothing[82]

Hurl Words into this Darkness and Wait for an Echo[83]

Words are Quiet like Stains are on a Tablecloth Washed in a River[84]

Words are Vulnerable: Rain, Fire, the Errant Hand, Confusion – all can Assail them[85]

That Word does not Exist in any Language – It will Never be Uttered by a human mouth[86]

If thou hast Heard a Word – let it Die with thee – and be Bold, it will not Burst thee[87]

Why does it Matter so much to have the Last Word? Or any Word?[88]

Like a Leaden Knell the Words come back[89]

Last of all Words Spoken is Goodbye[90]

Repasturing of the Word[91]

Writers, Historians – theirs are the Words that Last[92]

Even the Words we Carelessly Drop are left to Shine

Forever – on the Bottom of the Cold, Clear Afternoon[93]

A Word is the Boot Print in a Square of Fresh Cement[94]

If you can take One Word with you to the Future what is it to be?[95]

Heaven and Earth shall Pass away – but my Words shall not Pass away[96]

Words set in motion for Thousands of Years – Millions of Hearts[97]

Words – Words between the Lines of Age[98]

Words form a Hard Knot that never Rots[99]

Monarch of the Last Word[100]

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