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Working Class Trunks[1]

The Life I’ve always Wanted, I guess I’ll never have –

I’ll be Working for Somebody Else, until I’m in my Grave[2]

He sets them to Work, gives back to them the Bare Minimum that

Will prevent them from Starving, and the Rest he Keeps for Himself[3]

Assigning a Body Endowed with a Noble Spirit to an Inferior Profession[4]

They say “Trading Slaves is Unlawful” but isn’t the Trading of Free people more a Crime?[5]

Strength shall come from that Great and Respectable Class ­– the men of No Property[6]

Direct Action: the Workers on the Job shall Tell the Boss When and Where

He shall Work, how Long, for what Wages and under what Conditions[7]

Whoever Produces anything by Weary Labor doesn’t need a Revelation

From Heaven to Teach him that he has a Right to the Thing Produced[8]

Those whose Labor and Life-Activity have been Keeping the Coun-

Try Running are Precisely the people who should Run the Country[9]

They have taken Untold Millions that they Never Toiled to Earn

But without our Brain and Muscle Not a Single Wheel can Turn[10]

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