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Ye Are Gods[1]

Listen to the Soul-Sending Scriptures[2]

Can you See your Face? Always a God Behind the Mask[3]

Why has Man Rooted Himself thus Firmly in the Earth but

That he may Rise the Same Proportion to the Heavens Above[4]

Aren’t the Gods’ Formations – like Me and You – Subject to Time – Ephemeral?[5]

Heav’n Breathes thro’ Ev’ry Member of the Whole – One Common Blessing, as One Common Soul[6]

The Currents of the Universal Being Circulate through Me – I am Part or Parcel of God[7]

Angels are the Powers Hidden in the Faculties and Organs of Man[8]

Our Whole Task’s to Hack some Angel-Shape Worth Wearing[9]

Life is the Life of God in Us[10]

[1] Psalms 82:6 (King James)

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[5] Hermann Hesse tr. Joachim Neugroschel, Siddhartha

[6] Alexander Pope, Epistle IV – Of the Nature and State of Man with Respect to Happiness

[7] Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoted by James Miller in Examined Lives

[8] Idries Shah

[9] Sylvia Plath, Firesong

[10] Mother Teresa, Her Essential Wisdom

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