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Youth Smiles Celestial[1]

Words like “When you’re Older,” must Appease

Him – and Promises of Someday make his Dreams[2]

To get Grown – you Unlatch your Hands from the Grown[3]

In Youth’s Fair Dawn, when the Soul, still Untried, Longs for Life’s Conflict[4]

I’m Exploding with Youth and with Zest – who needs Corroding in some Vulture’s Nest[5]

All Children are Poets until they Quit the Habit of Reaching for Butterflies that aren’t There[6]

When the voices of the Children are Heard on the green, and Laughing is heard

On the Hill – my Heart is at Rest within my breast, and Everything else is Still[7]

He who Mocks the Infants Faith shall be Mocked in Age & Death …

He who Respects the Infants Faith Triumphs over Hell & Death[8]

The Adult isn’t the Highest Stage of Development: the End of

The cycle is the Independent, Clear-Minded, All-Seeing Child[9]

I want my Art to Live in some Child Forever[10]

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