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To Love My Brother

Quotes from police brutality victims & their families

Knowing my brother

Is to love my brother.[1]

Funny, silly, make you laugh,

Real good with his hands … he loved

His siblings, he loved his grandparents.[2]

A very loving, spiritual person … very

Happy, very concerned about everyone.[3]

She was very artistic … a culture-type

Of gal … Wild. Outgoing. Articulate.[4]

He always had a big drive … he’s the

Most hardworking person I know.[5]

He would stop and have conversations

With them because he loved to talk.[6]

No one could ever do anything that

Would turn him away from being

Their friend. He loved people.[7]

You would never ever forget him … a

Smile that would strike you at your heart.[8]

She was centered around her son …

She really enjoyed motherhood.[9]

A father, a son, a brother, an
Uncle, cousin, and a true friend.

All that wiped away in just seconds.[10]


You promised me you wouldn't kill me.[11]

I don't know the truth … I just know that

My daughter was viciously gunned down.[12]

He had just killed someone right before.[13]

She was thinking about her baby …

As the bullets pierced her flesh.[14]

12 bullets to kill one person.[15]

Trying to go back to protect his friend.[16]

Didn’t announce themselves … they just shot at kids.[17]

With malice, prejudice and bigotry.[18]

My son was profiled, followed, and

Murdered … there was nothing accidental.[19]

A man was allowed to enter somebody’s apartment,

Gun drawn, break policy, not announce himself,

Murder her in front of her children,

And that’s that.[20]


So you’re telling me it’s OK for a black man

In America, good ‘ol America, to get murdered.[21]

They didn’t even give him a chance to cooperate.[22]

Yelling at me to get up when they knew that I couldn’t.[23]

Watch the tape. I don't understand how that was protecting.[24]

There were two people involved. We had an adult who was chasing a kid.[25]

What did the police see when they pried open that door?...The look of fear?[26]

If she broke the law … I shouldn’t be making funeral arrangements.[27]

You have to know the difference between a cell phone,

A supposed padlock, and a non-existent gun.[28]

You asked me whether I knew someone who

Wanted to hurt my daughter. But you did it.[29]

Surrounding her as her spirit left her body

And they were directly responsible.[30]


Had to take off my mask ‘cause

Something’s far more worse in the air right now.[31]

The badge and the uniform is what scares our people.[32]

It haunts me … that someone could feel that comfortable.[33]

They were supposed to be there to serve and

To protect … he was begging for his life.[34]

At minimum, it shows a complete inability to be aware of

Your surroundings and to manage the situation appropriately.[35]

I’m just disgusted … these police officers on the loose.[36]

Back out in the community with no evaluation, no additional

Training, no other consequence for taking a life.[37]

We're being hunted every day. It's a silent war.[38]

They kill people. They kill people. They

Kill people. Period. Point blank, period.[39]

Shantel cried out what our ancestors

For 300-years-plus been crying out:

'Don't shoot me, don't kill me.’[40]


I'm in pain. A lot of pain.[41]

It’s life altering shattering.[42]

They took her out ... She’s my heart.[43]

When you lose a child, a part of you goes.[44]

It cuts DEEP and sharp like a hot knife.[45]

What happened to my son … has now become my life.[46]

I don’t cry no more, I’m just angry.[47]

I get no peace and I get no justice.[48]

Nothing will bring him back. No.[49]

Will she have a proper funeral?[50]


Don’t be sorry,

Because this has been happening.[51]

Not just a news story. It’s our everyday life.[52]

Don’t congratulate us. We didn’t receive any justice.[53]

I’m not where I was … but I’m not where I want to be either.[54]

My family went through the same troubles, but nothing has changed.[55]

We have to organize … to stop this from ever happening again.[56]

How many Erics were there that we have not seen?[57]

She isn’t that person on the news.[58]

Our stories will be told![59]

Stop this killing. Stop

This killing.[60]


We’re going to hold court on systematic racism … Guilty, guilty, guilty.[61]

There is no justice system … Who can control the police department?[62]

The tape itself speaks to the lack of protocol, excessive police power.[63]

Things that they didn't show also – like the black eyes, like

How was her finger missing. What happened to that?[64]

They have an extremely, extremely good cover-up system.[65]

This on-going pattern of a severe lack of accountability.[66]

Transgender women of color are stopped, harassed,

Assaulted and murdered by police with impunity.[67]

Most mentally ill people will see a jail

Before they see a mental-health facility.[68]

Come up against law enforcement instead of

Mental health professionals and end up dead.[69]

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?[70]


Her baby deserve answers.[71]

The answers would come from the person

Who’s no longer here to give them to us.[72]

He says to me, ‘Grandma, I’m gonna

Make more time to come down to visit.’[73]

She could make anything – oxtail, lasagna, anything.[74]

She had lots of chickens, so we were always down at her house.[75]

She would give you the shirt off her back. There is no other like her.[76]

Even with a broken heart … she showed us what love should be about.[77]

That she's being noticed, that she's not been forgotten.[78]

They need to feel what we feeling.[79]

She was God’s child.[80]


I don’t want to waste that energy

On building something negative.[81]

I'd rather be angry on a march …

You can’t fight violence with violence.

You’ll either get killed or go to jail.[82]

I have a fight in me. I have a strength in me.[83]

Like I finally caught my breath.[84]

I just feel loved today. I got chills.

People came from all over.[85]

I’ve been through a lot and

I’m out here for a reason.[86]

This isn’t our occupation, this is our reality.[87]

This is about the next generation of children.[88]

We pray that justice would be served

And that they shut this jail down.[89]

They shouldn’t be policing

Our communities anymore.[90]


You were a quiet and humble man ...

You making some noise now Baby![91]

You often said you were going to change

The world, which I believe you still will.[92]

Every time I thought your name,

Stars fell upon me.[93]

Every day we wake up with a purpose.[94]

We bringin’ back love back in the universe.[95]

If our lives mattered in this country, we'd have

Equal access to clean air, clean water and

Real investment … those who routinely

Brutalize us wouldn’t be the ones paid.[96]

I don't want to live the rest of my life

Saying, 'I hate you’ … I am free.[97]

I ain’t better than nobody else. But …

I love you … Put them guns down.[98]

Read, learn, grow, and live,

And question everything.[99]

It’s like a genocide … It

Must stop and only

We can stop it.[100]


[1] Philonise, Brother of George Floyd

[2] Michael, Father of Michael Brown Jr.

[3] Shauna, Sister of Shareese Francis

[4] Shae, Sister of Aura Rosser

[5] Ashley, Brother of Sean Monterrosa

[6] Eric, Father of Saheed Vassell

[7] Leanna, Mother of Terence Crutcher

[8] Isaac, Father of Terrence Sterling

[9] Leslie, Sister-In-Law of Sonji Danese Taylor

[10] Tony, Brother of Alfred Olango

[11] Natasha Mckenna

[12] Felicia, Mother of Alexia Christian

[13] Brenda, Mother of Michael Ramos

[14] Gina, Mother of India Kager

[15] Margaret, Aunt of Darrius Kennedy

[16] Emantic, Father of Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford

[17] Patricia, Mother of Charles Roundtree

[18] Bernell, Cousin of Tyisha Miller

[19] Sybrina, Mother of Trayvon Martin

[20] Misha, Sister of Meagan Hockaday

[21] Hertencia, Aunt of Akai Gurley

[22] Samaria, Mother of Tamir Rice

[23] Lisa Hayes

[24] Maisha, Daughter of Marlene Pinnock

[25] Sybrina, Mother of Trayvon Martin

[26] Fran, Mother of Michelle Cusseaux

[27] Felecia, Mother of Alexia Christian

[28] Maurice, Brother of LaTanya Haggerty

[29] Tamika, Mother of Breonna Taylor

[30] Gina, Mother of India Kager

[31] Christopher, Family Member of George Floyd

[32] Michael, Father of Michael Brown

[33] Jason, Cousin of Eric Garner

[34] Tera, Cousin of George Floyd

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[36] Samaria, Mother of Tamir Rice

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[48] Shirley, Mother of Kendra James

[49] Ernestine, Mother of Michael Laney

[50] Buttacup, Co-worker of Mya Hall

[51] Letetra, Sister of Jacob Blake

[52] Gwen, Mother of Eric Garner

[53] Gwen, Mother of Eric Garner

[54] Cassandra, Mother of Tanisha Anderson

[55] Shantel, Grandaughter of Eleanor Bumpers

[56] Michelle, Sister of Timothy Russel

[57] Jason, Cousin of Eric Garner

[58] Tamika, Mother of Breonna Taylor

[59] Madison, Daughter of Sharmel Edwards

[60] Veda, Aunt of Alton Sterling

[61] Jacob, Father of Jacob Blake

[62] Ben, Stepfather of Eric Garner

[63] Patricia, Grandmother of Jacob Blake

[64] Vaughn, Brother of Natasha McKenna

[65] Shante, Sister of Sandra Bland

[66] Family of Akai Gurley

[67] Maria, Sister of Kayla Moore

[68] Maria, Sister of Kayla Moore

[69] Deborah Danner

[70] Misha, Sister of Meagan Hockaday, quoting the Latin phrase: ‘Who will guard the guards themselves?’

[71] Traunda, Cousin of Shenque Proctor

[72] Sharon, Sister of Sandra Bland

[73] Patricia, Grandmother of Jacob Blake

[74] Alexander, Son of Kyam Livingston

[75] Cedric, Neighbor of Pearlie Golden

[76] Anthony, Son of Yvette Smith

[77] Floranda, Aunt of Loreal Tsingine

[78] Anita, Mother of Kyam Livingston

[79] Sharon, Mother of Shelly Frey

[80] Hazel, Mother of Duana Johnson

[81] Martinez, Brother of Rekia Boyd

[82] Erica, Daughter of Eric Garner

[83] Vicky, Mother of India Beaty

[84] Tamika, Mother of Breonna Taylor

[85] Sequita, Grandmother of Stephon Clark

[86] Andricka, Mother of Alton Sterling’s three youngest Children

[87] Kendra, Sister of Jeremy McDole

[88] Valerie, Mother of Philando Castile

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[97] Brandt, Brother of Botham Jean

[98] George Floyd

[99] Letetra, Sister of Jacob Blake

[100] Patricia, Grandmother of Jacob Blake

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