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A Portraitist of Light[1]

I Paint Time using People as Evidence[2]

Paint the Soul – Never Mind the Legs and Arms![3]

Taking a Tube of Green and Spreading it on the Page does not make

A Prairie, they’re Born in another way – they Surge up From the Page[4]

You on the Canvas are to Repeat things that are Fairest, things most Sweet[5]

He Meets in the Real World the Unsubstantial Image which his Soul so Constantly Beholds[6]

The Pencil doing the Drawing should give off the same Smell as the Flower it Draws[7]

“How Long did it take you to Paint that?” “Three Minutes and Many Lifetimes”[8]

The Martyr Painters – Never Speak – Bequeathing, Rather – to their Work[9]

The Painter Hears the step of Destiny Approaching

Behind him on its Progress Toward its Victims[10]

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