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Atheists Pray Full of Sarcasm[1]

The Sky seems like a Useless place for God to Live[2]

Some keep the Sabbath going to Church – I keep it, Staying Home[3]

No Bearded Deity Earns my Reverence – No King of Heaven gets my Patronage[4]

Burst like a Ruthless Force, into the Solemn Church – and Scatter the Congregation[5]

Let Ruling Angels from their Spheres be Hurl’d, Being on Being Wreck’d, and World on World[6]

The Ivory Gods, and the Ebony Gods, and the Gods of Diamond and Jade, sit Silently on their

Temple Shelves while the People are Afraid – yet the Ivory Gods and the Ebony Gods and the

Gods of Diamond-Jade are only Silly Puppet Gods that the People themselves have Made[7]

The World is a Perfect and Coherent Whole, Unbroken – Independent of Gods[8]

Earth Rejects Communication with God’s Autocratic Station[9]

I have No Religion except my own Task of Being[10]

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