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Breached Horizons[1]

The Old Paths are Too Well Trodden[2]

Beyond the Farthest Tracks of any Domestic Beast my

Way Leads me – into a place for which I know No Names[3]

I’m not sure where I am Going but it is somewhere Other than where I Am[4]

Once they’re on the Road, they’ll begin to get some sense of Where it can Take them[5]

Communing with the Source, Travel the Pathways – Embrace the Territory & Treasure the Road[6]

The End he is born to serve yet does not see Leads him to Escape by an Unseen Path … When

The Moment comes for him to obey the call, he Turns Aside – Obeying a Wayward Instinct[7]

“What is the Way?” “Go!” – “Where is the Way?” “Begin Walking it!”[8]

The Horizon Leans Forward offering you space to place New Steps[9]

The Way I have Embarked on is Now my One and All[10]

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