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Chant Walls Down with Song[1]

The Country was made without Lines of Demar-

Cation – and it is No man’s Business to Divide it[2]

By Building his Wall – he Challenged my Strength[3]

These Walls are Levelled – and the Unquiet Echoes can finally Take Wing[4]

There shall not be left here one Stone upon another that will not be Thrown Down[5]

When All Boundaries are Lost – the Country reverts to its Ancient Shape[6]

Those who have No Fence around their land have No Enemies[7]

When we Dream Beautiful Dreams – we Breach all Borders[8]

While Borders still Stand we are all in Prehistory ­­–

Real History will Start when All Borders are Gone[9]

Our Border now is No Line between Two Hills –

But the Line our Planet makes in circling the Sun[10]

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[7] Burundi proverb

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