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Com ant Daunce Wyth Me[1]

Tomorrow … who Knows? Dance Today![2]

Celebrate the Break of Day in an Enthusiastic Dance and

Express Deep Oneness with the Surging, Radiating Elements[3]

Dancing is the Soul’s Radiance, the Urn of Free Passion … the

Dancers Empty their Personalities to Receive the Raw Flux of Spirit[4]

The Dance is always Danced Above the Hollow place – above the Terrible Abyss[5]

The Soul has Moments of Escape – when Bursting all the Doors – she Dances[6]

Body Remembers a Music by the Hollow Dancing it Leaves behind[7]

Dance with me a Moment Late in this Last Extinction[8]

People Dance – and Have No Notion of Walking[9]

We Dance to Ask Pardon of the Gods[10]

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