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Dawn Never Burned Clearer[1]

Dawn Snuffs out Star’s Spent Wick[2]

The Doomed – regard the Sunrise with Different Delight –

Because when it next Burns abroad they Doubt to Witness it[3]

Every Day Dawn finds herself Naked and Wonders if she has not in

Fact Lost herself Entirely in the night, her Clothes, Precepts, Selfhood[4]

Each Night I Burn the Records of the Day – at Sunrise every Soul is Born Again[5]

Let them Sleep, let them sleep on, till the stormy Night be Gone – and the Eternal Morrow Dawn –

Then the Curtains will be Drawn, and they Wake into a Light whose day shall never Die in Night[6]

The first Morning of Creation Writes what the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall Read[7]

Here it is Dawn Eternally: Hour of Awakening, Hour of Revolutionary Prophesy[8]

Trusting Dawn – though the Sun’s Light is a Light without Precedent, Never

Proved ahead of its Coming – Waited for by the Law that Hope has made it[9]

Morning is when I am Awake and there is Dawn in Me[10]

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