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Deprive Time of Further Hostages[1]

Who made Time Provided also its Fools Strapped in Watches[2]

Do not Lose Time on daily Trivialities – do not Dwell on Petty

Detail – for these things Melt away in the Obscure Traffic of Time[3]

Time is not to be Trifled with whether Considered as the Medium of

Advancement and Prosperity in this world or Preparation for the Next[4]

Time teaches us to Wail, to Blink, to Walk Alone, Stare, Question, Wonder,

Give the world a Name – Forget the Watery Darkness from whence we came[5]

Words weigh the Least, Death weighs the Most, Time weighs Nothing at all – but I can’t Bear it[6]

We Throw our Watches off the Roof – to Cast their Ballot for Eternity Outside of Time[7]

Time Splits its Husk, Pours its Riches over him, and from his Lips Falls

Like Shells, Shavings from a plane – Hard, White, Imperishable, Words

Fly to attach themselves to their places in an Immortal Ode to Time[8]

Time is a Ship on a Merciless Sea – Drifting toward an Abyss

Of Nothingness until it can be Recharted for its own Destiny[9]

Those who make a Close Study of Life believe that

Under the Surface is a Pillar of Motionless Time[10]

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