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Dreams Not Wishes ­– But Poems[1]

Angels Wonder at us Beings who fall Regularly

Out of Awareness – into a Fantasm-infected Dark[2]

The Rift between Dreams and Reality causes no Harm if

Only the person Dreaming Believes seriously in his Dream[3]

His Dreams, like Waves of the deep Sea far from any Shore, Come and Go,

Rise and Fall, Profound and Harmless – breaking Nowhere, changing Nothing[4]

The Dream Grail Found as if in Dreams is not as it had been Dreamed when Found[5]

Dreams are naught but Flow’rs of Air – why Work so hard at Grasping them?[6]

He Dreams who Shapes the Suns and Pillars the Blue Firmament with Light[7]

Dream Dreams, then Write them, aye – but Live them First[8]

The Dream gives Merit to a state of Being, rather than

The Ordering of Time – the Dream, Correcting Time[9]

If you’re Happy in a Dream – does that Count?[10]

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