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Engraft Our Hands[1]

Our small Hands Ache to be Held[2]

Pressure on the Palm of the hands effects a Transference of

Souls – the Interlinking of Fingers symbolizes every Intimacy[3]

What’s left to learn is how to press Palm to Palm and Not Want more[4]

Instead of Arms to Hold you I want Longer Limbs, Vines, to Wrap you Twofold, Threefold[5]

They Hold each other so Fiercely, so Dearly, that the Stop knowing anything but each other[6]

He Clasps the Woman Tightly – and Feels his Separateness

Dissolve into Hers, the two Skins Confluent and Melting[7]

The Strength we Gain is from th’ Embrace we Give[8]

The Hands Clutch Together: a Perfect Fit[9]

Imparadised in One Another’s Arms[10]

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