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Find in the Trees a Savior[1]

I shall never See a Poem as Lovely as a Tree[2]

“How far does the Forest go” – “as Far as the Mind goes”[3]

The Poet is there to see to it the Tree does not Grow Crooked[4]

What Beautiful Trees – how Beautiful Life ought to be Underneath them[5]

The Tree Says to me: “I am Her – I am Here – I am Life, Eternal Life”[6]

Of all the Sounds despatched abroad, there’s not a Charge to me

Like that old Measure in the Boughs – that Phraseless Melody[7]

You and I are Suddenly what the Trees try to Tell us we Are[8]

I am going into the Forest – I am going into the Oneness[9]

If I Cut a Tree – my Arm would Bleed[10]

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