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Finite to Fail – Infinite to Venture[1]

Try Not – Do! or Do Not – there is No Try[2]

Might, Could, Would – they are Contemptible Auxiliaries[3]

Joyous we launch on Trackless Seas, Fearless for Unknown

Shores on waves of Ecstasy to sail … for we’re Bound where

Mariner hasn’t yet Dared to go – Risk Ship, Ourselves and All[4]

Endeavor is the Eternal Way, Neglect is the Way to Death – People

Who Spur themselves on Happily Never Die – People Wallowing in

Self-Indulgence – even though they have Life – are as if Dead already[5]

Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child, Listen to the DON’TS – Listen to the

SHOULDN’TS, Listen to the WON’TS – Listen to the NEVER HAVES

Then Listen close to me – Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can Be[6]

Great Men Leave the path of Tradition and Obedient Subordination and, Trusting to Supreme,

Indefinable Powers, Strike out on New, Trackless Courses where Experience is No Guide[7]

You may Shoot me with your Words, you may Cut me with your Eyes,

You may Kill me with your Hatefulness – but still, like Air, I’ll Rise[8]

We Travel below Sounding the Depths where only the Dauntless go[9]

Step Forth in Splendor ­– Mortify our Wolves[10]

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[6] Shel Silverstein, Listen to the Mustn’ts

[7] Hermann Hesse tr. Richard & Clara Winston, Magister Ludi

[8] Maya Angelou, Still I Rise

[9] Susan Griffin, Great As You Are

[10] Gwendolyn Brooks, God Works in a Mysterious Way

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