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Flowers of Bone[1]

Find Nourishment in Death[2]

Each for his Coffin makes him a Cocoon[3]

My Life is now a Death to me – so I’ll mold it and I’ll hold it ‘til I’m Born[4]

They are Fighting Fighting Fighting that Where there was Death there may be Life[5]

Their Ghost Re-Gifted Flesh & Blood, their Flesh & Blood re-Gifted their Children[6]

To the Seasonal Eternity of Death – they Sough off the Rumor of Mortality[7]

Suture us back Together to make something more Vaguely Eternal[8]

One Short Sleep Past ­– we Wake Eternally[9]

Free on Both Sides of the Grave[10]

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[10] Terrance Hayes, Mule Hour

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