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Gender Treachery[1]

All Men would be Tyrants if they could[2]

Boys will be Boys and Reap the Benefits of a Patriarchal World[3]

Some Men are only Strong in their own House, where they Beat their Wife[4]

Who Cleans the House, who Cooks the Food, who Bless the Babies, who Stay too True,

Who Makes the Clothes, who Buys the Shoes, who Sleep too Little, who Sing no Blues?[5]

This is not what it Means to be a Woman – no matter what the Experts say[6]

If One Woman told the Truth about her Life the World would Split open[7]

There is No Mark on the wall to Measure the precise Height of Women[8]

Women’s Wealth, Thought and Labor have Cemented the

Stones of every Monument Man has reared to Liberty[9]

The Rising of Women means the Rising of the Race[10]

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