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Hemmed by Friends[1]

I am Lonely for my Friends[2]

The Name you are Called by means Friend[3]

I Gain from Heav’n (‘tis all I Wish’d) a Friend[4]

In a Dream I see a new City of Friends – nothing is Greater there

Than the quality of Robust Love, it Leads the Rest, seen every hour

In the Actions of the men of that City and in all their Looks and Words[5]

Two Names of Friendship – but one Star … each Stylèd by his end the Copy

Of his Friend … Friendship indeed is Written, not in Words, and with the Heart[6]

I would rather Walk with a Friend in the Dark than Alone in the Light[7]

The Bird: a Nest – the Spider: a Web – Man: Friendship[8]

True Friends Leave Footprints in your Heart[9]

Friends in the Larger Sense[10]

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