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How Yu Stroll Tru da Fyah[1]

O Delicate Walker ­­– Babbler, Dialectician Fire[2]

Regenerating Fire such as hath turned the Dense

Black Element into a Crystal Pathway for the Sun[3]

Being a Poet means Willfully Letting yourself Catch Fire[4]

What Bright Christenings you Bring into Swirling Conflagrations[5]

Animals Arrive, Interlaced, and Gods Interlaced ­– and Men Flame-Woven[6]

Hectic and Flexible – Flames are Ideal new Bodies for us[7]

Throw Her to the Flames – and She’ll become like Fire[8]

O Thou – who Through the City of Fire Goest Alive[9]

Dress our Souls in Eternal Garments of Flame[10]

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