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I Kiss You – Etc.[1]

Dreaming that the Antidote is Orgasm[2]

Carnal Communion she’s (C)literally Craving[3]

She Lures him, Rebuffs him, Forces him, Clasps him, Delights in

His Mastery – until he’s Vanquished, and rests, Exhausted at her side[4]

The Greatest Beauty Earth can Offer – I say it is Whatever a Person most Lusts after[5]

A Red-and-Black Seething of Erotic Rage … the Emphatic and Paraverbal Forces at work,

Immensely Powerful and Confused – Rising out of the Perversion and Frustration of Sex[6]

Sex is Justified, even Sanctified as soon as, but only as Long as, it is a Vehicle of Love –

Sex is a way of Expressing the Experience of that ultimate Togetherness called Love[7]

Sex is our Great Connection with the World – at its most Felicitous

And Spiritual it is no Servitude since it Informs Everything and

Enables us to Inhabit & Enjoy all we Touch and Look upon[8]

I want us to Merge: a Unification, a complete Comingling

Infusion of our Separate beings to create a New Identity[9]

Stay in me Until our Bodies Forget what Divides Us[10]

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