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I, Too, Sing America[1]

From Sea to Shining Hell Rising up[2]

The Pressing Need of our America is to Show itself as it Is[3]

America it is to thee thou Boasted Land of Liberty – it is to

Thee I Raise my Song – thou land of Blood, Crime and Wrong[4]

I am he who Walks the States with a Barb’d Tongue – Questioning[5]

For Revolting Barbarity and Shameless Hypocrisy – America Reigns without Rival[6]

America is a Great Country – Everyone Else had better Watch Out![7]

Americans are and will always be the Mortal Enemy of my Race[8]

May Indigestion upset the Feast, the Stomach that Gorges

On Cheap Oil, Blood – and Belief in a False History[9]

How much will the CIA pay for the Head of a Poet?[10]

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