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In Each the Trace of Each[1]

Read Life’s Meaning in Each Other’s Eyes[2]

The Self is merely a Formal Necessity: it simply

Serves to Allow the Infinite Relations of Self to Other[3]

I am a Stranger Learning to Worship the Strangers Around me[4]

The Sublimity of a Single Thing that does not Fear Surrender to the Whole[5]

No man is an Island Entire of itself – Every Man is a Piece of a Continent, a Part of the Main[6]

The Whole is not simply Greater than its Parts: it’s their Counter-Argument, Antidote[7]

They are not Individual Men – but part of a Huge, Implacable, Elemental Design[8]

We are caught in an Inescapable Network of Mutuality, Tied in a Single

Garment of Destiny: what Affects One Directly, Affects All Indirectly[9]

The Composite Life we Live is Us[10]

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