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Make Yourself a Name in Story[1]

There is One Story and One Story only[2]

A Confused Tale Told by too Many people[3]

They all say the same Story and None tell Ours[4]

Long before I Write Stories – I Listen for Stories[5]

An Old Story does not Open the Ears as a New one does[6]

The Stories don’t Kill me but I would Die if I didn’t Tell them to you[7]

My Work: to do More than to Reproduce the Toxic Stories I Inherited and Learned[8]

How to Tell a Shattered Story? By Slowly becoming

Everybody – No: By Slowly becoming Everything[9]

There are Stories that are Past Telling[10]

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[2] Robert Graves, To Juan at the Winter Solstice

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[5] Eudora Welty, One Writer’s Beginning

[6] Somalian proverb

[7] Dunya Mikhail, Tablets IV

[8] José Olivarez, Ars Poetica

[9] Arundhati Roy, The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

[10] Erika Meitner, HolyMolyLand

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