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My Strength is the Living Truth[1]

An Ounce of Truth benefits like Ripples on a Pond[2]

One must Strain off what is Personal and Accidental in all these

Impressions and Reach the Pure Fluid – the Essential Oil of Truth[3]

The Truth is rarely Pure and never Simple – Modern Life would be very

Tedious if it were Either, and Modern Literature a Complete Impossibility[4]

Truth-Tellers are not always Palatable – there is a Preference for Candy Bars[5]

Thou art so True that thoughts of thee suffice to make Dreams Truths – and Fables Histories[6]

One Voice Speaking Truth is a Greater Force than Fleets and Armies, Given Time[7]

Truth can Never be Told so as to be Understood and Not be Believ’d[8]

There’s Triumph of the Finer mind when Truth, Affronted Long,

Advances Calm to her Supreme – her God her only Throng[9]

In dealing with Truth – we are Immortal[10]

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