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Nuclear Umbrella[1]

Monsters are Born here of Nuclear Anger[2]

The problem of Nuclear Disarmament is problem Number

One … if it is not Solved, No other Problem will be Solved[3]

Gaze where the city of Hiroshima once Stood and you can Re-

Cognize Nothingness as both Material Absence and Spiritual Void[4]

Men Self-Deceived are busily Cultivating, in Nuclear Mushroom Sheds, Amanita Buttons[5]

Perched at the Ledge of Nuclear War – he tries to enter the Idea of Impossibility[6]

How the Hell Innocent is a Man who helps make a thing like the Atom Bomb?[7]

A Lethal Shroud of Radioactivity which will Encircle the Earth for 93 years[8]

Uranium Cumulus Mushrooms Bursting Sores upon Empyrean Lawns[9]

Fallout, Falling – Unheard[10]

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