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One Thought Fills Immensity[1]

In the Celestial Palace of the Blazing Skull[2]

I feel a Cleaving in my Mind as if my Brain has Split, I

Try to match it, Seam by Seam but cannot make them Fit[3]

Man, though High may be his station – is no Better than his Thoughts[4]

His Brain is Simmering and Bubbling within the Cracking Tenement of the Skull[5]

Ordinary Mind includes Eternal Perceptions – Observe what’s Vivid, notice what you

Notice, Catch yourself Thinking, Vividness is Self-Selecting, First Thought Best Thought[6]

Emancipate yourselves from Mental Slavery – none but ourselves can Free our Minds[7]

I Embrace in a Single Thought the World of things as they are and of things

As they could have Been – and I realize that a Single System includes All[8]

Think Lovely Wonderful thoughts – and they Lift you up in the Air[9]

Consciousness Blooms like a dark drop of Ink[10]

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