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Our Wars – Their Remains[1]

Politicians Overhead, their Shadows Withering the

Flowers: their Bombs and Fires Paint our Gardens Red[2]

Our Dreadful Appetite Demands a World whose Order,

Origin, and Purpose will be Fluent Satisfaction of our Will[3]

His Mighty Government wants to Help Everybody even if it has to Kill them to do it[4]

The Sovereign Nation-State has a very Small Brain with which to Think and Plan, but

Tremendously Powerful Teeth and Claws to Tear and Rend, to Destroy and Dismember[5]

Your Boasted Liberty is an Unholy License – your National Greatness, Swelling Vanity –

Your Denunciation of Tyrants, Brass-Fronted Impudence – your Shouts of Liberty and Equality,

Hollow Mockery … a thin Veil to cover up Crimes which would Disgrace a nation of Savages[6]

Who Manufactured the Bullet? Who Paid the Taxes? Tell me, is that Blood upon my Hands?[7]

What do I know of Occupation but my own Colonized Thinking to shake Free from?[8]

What is the sense of giving a Boundary to all that, of giving it a Name and

Ceasing to Love where the Name Ceases to apply? What is Love of one’s

Country – is it Hate of one’s Uncountry? Then it’s Not a Good Thing[9]

We’re fed up with National Colors! We want the Pigment of Life![10]

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