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Patriarchs of the Infant World[1]

Father, Child – Under One Quilt[2]

It is a Wise Child that knows his own Father[3]

Thou Art my Father – thou my Author – thou my Being Giv’st me[4]

Even a Rough Sketch, a Shadow, a Tiny Fragment of a Dad is still a Dad[5]

A Father is a Reality-Concealing Machine – a machine for dishing up Lies to children[6]

It is not ye that Speak – but the Spirit of your Father which Speaketh in you[7]

To You your Father should be as a God – One that Composes your

Beauties, Yea, and One to whom you are but as a Form in Wax[8]

We All have to take the Step that Separates us from our Father[9]

Thy Father is Transfus’d into thy Blood[10]

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