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Practice the Future[1]

In the Rivers North of the Future I Cast the Net[2]

The Orgastic Future Year by Year Recedes before us –

To-Morrow we will Run Faster, Stretch our Arms Further[3]

We Make Plans and Guess how far the Future will Resemble Us[4]

These Cards from a Gypsy Deck are Scattered – Prophesying Nothing[5]

Take no thought for the Morrow, for the Morrow shall take thought for things itself[6]

If good things are Coming, they will be a Pleasant Surprise – if Bad things are,

And you know in Advance, you will Suffer greatly Before they even Occur[7]

The Fact that you move so Beautifully more or less takes care of Futurism[8]

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Creeps in this Petty

Pace from Day to Day to the Last Syllable of Recorded Time[9]

Each Time they Part, they Extract only One Small

Promise from each other: Tomorrow? Tomorrow[10]

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