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Prison – a Perversion[1]

The more you Innocent – the more they Throw you in Jail[2]

Whatever Crimes they’ve Committed – the Greatest Crimes

Are Committed by the Authorities who Maintain the Prisons[3]

Every Prison that men build is Built with Bricks of Shame …

The Vilest Deeds like Poison Weeds Bloom well in Prison-Air[4]

Prisons Do Not Disappear Problems – they Disappear Human Beings[5]

Under a Government which Imprisons any Unjustly, the True Place for a just Man is also a Prison[6]

Flower-Seeds and Bulbs ever want of a Fine Day to Break Out of those Jails, and Bloom[7]

Democracy, Freedom, Progress, when Returned to their Cells are Incoherent[8]

Man, Impatient of his Cage – Thrills to the Soul’s Immortal Rage[9]

Fetter’d in Hand – but Join’d in Heart[10]

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