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The Planet of Love is on High[1]

Write me as one that Loves his Fellow-Men[2]

The True Revolutionary is Guided by Love … a

People without Hatred can Vanquish a Brutal Enemy[3]

We must Love more Persons, Places, and Things with

Deeper and more Various Feelings than we Know at Present[4]

In some Not too Distant Future, the Radiant Stars of Love and Brother-

Hood will Shine over our Great Nation with all their Scintillating Beauty[5]

What is Love? to feel the Presence of the One Life Deep within yourself and within All Creatures[6]

The capacity for Love, in its first Youth, embraces not only Both Sexes, but all and Everything, Sen-

Suous and Spiritual, and endows all things with a Spell of Love and a Fairy-like ease of Transfor-

Mation such as in later years comes again only to a Chosen few and to Poets, and to them Rarely[7]

I Love them All and they All Love Me – and that is the Secret[8]

What if the Mightiest word is Love? Love Beyond Marital,

Filial, National – Love that casts a Widening pool of Light[9]

That ye Love One Another – as I have Loved you[10]

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