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War Profiteers Are Villains[1]

War: when Money Rolls in and Blood Rolls out

But Blood is Far away from here – Money is Near[2]

The Primary aim of Modern Warfare is to use up the Products

Of the Machine – without Raising the general Standards of Living[3]

The Guns Spell Money’s Ultimate Reason in Letters of Lead on the Spring Hillside[4]

Pickers of Bone, Meddlers in other men’s Sorrows – Carrion-Fowl that grow Fat on War[5]

Every Gun that is made, every Warship Launched, every Rocket Fired, Signifies in a Final

Sense a Theft from those who are Hungry and not Fed, those who are Cold and not Clothed[6]

Who Manufactured the Bullet? Who Paid the Taxes? Tell me, is that Blood upon my Hands?[7]

If there is War, you will Furnish the Corpses and the Taxes, and Others will

Get the Glory; Speculators will make Money out of it – that is, out of You[8]

Glory for the Generals, Death to the Privates, Wealth

To the Merchants, and Unemployment to the Poor[9]

Bodies Count as Coins in Accountants Books[10]

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