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Your Sainthood is the Sin[1]

Talk of Heaven! Ye Disgrace the Earth[2]

I do not Trust the God you’ve Given us – though

His Songs are Beautiful, his Miracles are Inconsistent[3]

The God I been Praying to is a Man – and act just like all

The other Mens I know: Trifling, Forgitful, and Lowdown[4]

So Busy Worrying about the Next World – they’ve Never Learned to Live in This one[5]

They look on the rest of Mankind as a Doomed Carcass which is to Nourish them for Heaven[6]

Christ Died on the Cross for you, but it Hardly Shows – the Savior Botched your Salvation[7]

Hell is the Invention of Money-Makers – its purpose to Divert the Attention of the Poor

From their Present Affliction … Hell Bestows a kind of Sanctity on Amassed Wealth[8]

At God’s Trial we’ll Ask: Why did you Allow all this? and

The Answer will be an Echo: Why did you Allow all this?[9]

They Extol the Glories of Heaven while Ignoring the

Social Conditions that cause Men an Earthly Hell[10]

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